Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ubuntu/VirtualBox/Java Team Development Stack - Part II

Part II - Install the Development Stack.
Continued from Part I

Having a virtual machine with Ubuntu installed, we now need the developer tools in our stack.

My target developer's stack has:

  1. Java JDK
  2. Eclipse
  3. Ant
  4. jEdit
  5. Firefox (or Chrome)
  6. Tomcat
  7. MySQL 
  8. MySQL Client
  9. DropBox
It's worth installing Ubuntu Tweak. At the least, this gives us the window icons on the upper-right corner. Open a browser and go to http://ubuntu-tweak.com/. Install that.From within that, I also found the Chrome browser install and did that.

The approach Ubuntu uses for typical software installation is through the "Ubuntu Software Center" which is invoked from the bottom of the Applications menu. Easiest is to use the search box to find the software we want and then choose the version (if there are options) to install. I simply searched for and installed each package. Some notes:
  1. Java JDK: I chose the "OpenJDK Development Kit".
  2. Tomcat is installed on port 8080. Something else must be running on port 80 so I wasn't able to change the tomcat port.
  3. Tomcat installs as a service. As such, it can be stopped and started: service tomcat6 stop|start|restart
  4. I added a manager role and user ID/Password so I can access the tomcat manager and use the Eclipse/Ant deploy tasks.
  5. I created a new folder in home: /home/projects and made it read/write/execute accessible to the users group. 
  6. When I installed dropbox (by going to the www.dropbox.com website and installing from there), I pointed Dropbox at the projects directory so that those files would be under /projects.


TEST said...

I'm planning to have the same setup for java development inside a virtual machine. Is there a big performance hit when developing inside a virtual machine? What is your settings (HD/RAM) for the virtual machine?