Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gilbane, San Francisco, 2008

I spoke at the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco in June ( on the subject of using folksonomies as a publishers tool for classifying content. The session moderator had warned me that attendance was a little thin and that we shouldn't expect too many in the audience, but my rough estimate was that we had about 45 people there. I was pleased. And there were lots of questions and a lot of discussion.

Here's the abstract from my presentation:

Folksonomies, Just Good Enough For All Kinds of Things
Extending Folksonomies to Describe All Kinds of Content

Folksonomies are gaining popularity in the content delivery world as a "good enough" way to classify content; tag clouds are becoming commonplace on content-driven website. More and more, folksonomies are working their way back into the content creation and management process. Huge volumes of content, increasing and diversifying user requirements are pushing content management operations to look to folksonomies as a Web-2.0 way to describe the "aboutness" their content.

With this simple concept in hand, why not use this technology to describe more than just content subjects? "Aboutness" is just one aspect of your content. What about order, threads, or related content? This talk will explore the extended use of folksonomies as a technology for enhancing content in new and different ways.

I can send the power point to anyone interested, please email me or leave a comment on this blog.